Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Co's friend Rita is a Liar

I just have to tell you all this, pregnancy is not super great and fabulous.
Oh no, it is not.
Is it magical. Yes
Is it really awesome to feel the baby move. Yes
Is it an experience I want to do again. I am looking into the surrogate mother thing. And if saying that makes me a bad mom before my daughter is even born, so be it. I won't lie to you people!
I wake up every night at least five times with intense pain in my hips. I woke up hubby last night cause I was whimpering.
Mom says its cause my hips are spreading for the birth.
Like my ass getting big isn't enough, it gets to be accompanied by pain, suffering and sleep deprivation.
Also, why can't maternity clothes makers design shirts with full sleeves?
We are pregnant.
Everything is bigger.
Those tiny non sleeves are uncomfortable and show our flabby arms!!!
Lastly, the swelling has happened.
And that is all I will say about that.

(Don't get me wrong people, I am thrilled to be having this baby!)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Per Lindsey's (Linny) Request

My pregnant self at about five months.
I'm a little bigger right now (almost six months) but hubby likes to take a pic once a month and then compare them to see how huge I have become.

Hubby picked the name Alivia Rose.
I love it.
Pregnancy is going . . .
A little over three months left!!