Monday, July 25, 2011

I buried my Dad today

He passed away Friday, July 22nd. I was in charge of funeral arrangements and I am in charge of everything that happens from here to wrap up his estate.
I have been running in administrative mode for the most part.
Of course there have been tears. And a little shaking of the fist to the man upstairs.
But my Dad has found a peace I will one day understand and I know I have to live my life as best I can in order to be with him again one day. He'll be missed. And he'll still be loved.
These are the words I spoke today at his funeral.

"This is going to be short. I dropped speech in college and dad told me to make it quick and get on with the party.

We sometimes define ourselves as lovers or fighters. I asked dad once what he thought he was. He said “a lover, . . . well, . . . most of the time”.

I agree.

He loved god, his country, his friends.

He loved women. All of them.

He loved rum & cokes, easy on the coke. Coffee and cigars.

He loved sunrises, Butterfinger blizzards, short cuts down questionable back roads.

He loved heavily starched jeans, button down shirts, boots and cowboy hats.

He loved Sunday mornings, tacos, making his own taco shells, football season, bbq’s and naps during halftime.

He loved to fish, to hunt. To eat what he had fished and hunted.

He loved trips to the farm. His mom and his dad. Spending time with his brothers and sister. His family.

He loved his childhood in Puerto Rico and having the opportunity to live in so many different places.

He loved to travel and loved his work.

He loved his children. He loved to get his way.

My dad loved a lot.

So I agree with him. He was a lover, most of the time."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Much Needed

I planned my mom's bday celebration back in April. I rented a fancy hotel room at the Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa in Dallas. Along with a spa package that includes a massage, facial and body wrap.
And when I booked this ultra fab bday gift, I was like, man, this is going to be fun.
Now, well now, I'm thanking every God in every way for the fact that the bday weekend celebration is happening this weekend.
My dad has been in the hospital for over a week and while dealing with that I still have a child who refuses to use the potty all the time.
I need a break, ya'll.
A serious, do nothing, think of no one but myself break.
As if you needed confirmation, I will definitely be having a drink at the bar upon arrival and before departure. (My mom is driving :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Have you seen this video?
If you haven't. You must.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Parenting is tricky ya'll.
For real.
Currently I'm trying to teach my kids not to run outside naked.
Not to play with themselves when they are around others.
Oh, and to stop them from touching my "parts".
But the thing is I'm trying to teach them these lessons without also inadvertently giving them self-esteem and body issues.
I'd like them to be comfortable in their bodies and sexuality.
Cause not being, well, I've done that. Not so great.
Like I said, tricky.