Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Two Things

Yesterday was bizarro day!
First, the pen psycho came back. That's right. I talked to him this time.
I saw him walking by the store (talking to himself) and I knew he was the guy who stole our pens. So I hid our pen container under the counter in case he came in. He did.
He begins to explain that he is looking for this certain pen. Called an Oric. He shows me one he has in his pocket. It is really beat up and the ink part is broken so I know it doesn't work.
But you can tell he is totally in love with this pen. He has a two handed grip on it. I am pretty sure he would have gone crazy if I had tried to take the pen from him at all.
Then he grills me about where he will find this pen and do we have any pens.
"Your all out of medical pens? Your all out of pens?"
Yes, I tell him. No pens here!
He then turns around to leave, talking to himself, "Okay see you later" he yells, and then resumes talking to himself.
I think he may be a schizophrenic. Such strange behavior!
Are schizophrenics dangerous?
Second, Paige got bitched out by a complete stranger in the parking lot of her tanning salon. She was walking to her car after she had tanned and apparently these two women were waiting outside in their car and one started yelling, "your gonna get tan like a mexican. Stupid mexican!" And other such things. While the other just sat and laughed. That's not funny . . . that's stupid.
So weird. Why do you care strange women?
Do you work for the skin cancer people?
Don't you think there is a better way to go about warning people than to spout racial slurs and what not?
Bizarro day indeed.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Calendar Jealousy

Every year for Christmas Alan and I exchange calendars. He usually gives me something with turtles or cats.
I give whatever I feel would be fun for the year. This year I picked him up a Sports Illustrated swim suit calendar.
Now I hate myself.
Gorgeous, skinny women now peer down at me when I am using the computer.
They seem to say, "You need to get up and not sit so much" "You know, your never going to look like I do in your swim suit this year" "Did you see my stomach? I totally have a six pack. Let's see yours"
Stupid calendar!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Daisy Fuentes says it works

Paige and I started the Winsor Pilates tapes this morning. We are determined to do it at least three times this week, then we can see if they really work. So excited. I shall have "longer, leaner and stronger muscles"!!
Mari Winsor is the instructor for this video. She says things like squeeze your buttocks and engage your powerhouse. Which normally would not be entertaining, but at the early hour, I find it quite humorous.
It takes me back to when I used to do the ab videos with Tony. I used to yell obscenities at the tv and tell Tony I hated him. God, what fun.
Lisa and I did his video New Years Eve one year, before we went out of course.
The next day we had to drive to her family get together. Well, three hours in a car is bound to bring out some laughter with the two of us. I thought I was gonna die. My abs ached so much and I couldn't stop laughing at whatever she said!
As soon as we got there we both crawled into a recliner and took a much needed nap.
Where did my Tony tape go?

Thursday, May 12, 2005


So, I am afraid to go to work today. And every day from now on I fear I will be hesitant to go. Yesterday a police officer came to visit.
Upon my request.
We had a suspicious character come into the store. He had come in the day before asking about employment. He walks in yesterday, says he has never been here and just wants to look around. The entire time he was there I felt extremely uncomfortable and he was asking all sorts of questions that were making me think he was there looking around, but for another purpose all together.
He actually asked us if we were ever busy and when that was!
After he left I called the non emergency number and an officer came out to take my statement.
He filed a Suspicious Persons Observation (SPO). He also felt the need to be completely honest with me and say that he believes this person will be back to rob us and he will hit us hard and fast.
I'm sorry. What????
I thought up till that point that I was just paranoid.
It is now apparent to me that my life is in danger.
What if he just comes in and shoots and doesn't do that whole "if you don't move you won't get hurt" thing?
Honestly, my mind in rampant with death and seriously injured scenarios. I am really really scared.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Where am I again?

We went out to eat on Friday night to the Black Eyed Pea.
For a while we were boycotting because they had really crappy service and had down sized their portions while raising prices.
But we were all really hungry and decided we did not want to have to wait to be seated. Only place we could think of to eat that we would not have to wait forever . . . The Pea.
So, we have a pretty good meal. There are leftovers. We ask for a to-go box. Waiter brings box.
Box is in fact a Whataburger box. It says Whataburger with the little picture of a Whataburger and the motto that has something to do with not making till you order.
Ummm . . .
That's really weird.
Are they owned by Whataburger? Did someone already use this container and they cleaned it out and gave it to us trying to save money? Where we actually eating at Whataburger and did not notice?
I don't think I will go back, at least not right away.

Monday, May 02, 2005


I went home this weekend. There was yet another baby shower to attend. I guess it is just that time in my life for babies. A few years ago there were tons of weddings.

I have a three hour drive to and a three hour drive back, which gives me a lot of time to think, especially since hubby did indeed stay at home.
And I don't know if it is because I am extra moody/sensitive or if I accidentally got some acid in my food, but I had quite the weekend of revelations.
Let me share.

Revelation #1
-I adjust my ETA according to every sign that tells me how many miles to my destination. Always. Ever since I can remember I have done this.

Revelation #2
-I am extremely sensitve and need to grow some "thicker skin".

Revelation #3
-I care what EVERYBODY thinks about me. I really really want to be acccepted by any and everyone I come in contact with. And I rarely feel that I am.

Revelation #4
-I totally believe in soulmates.

Revelation #5
-There is nothing I can do to help my family stop disliking each other. I need to change my outlook instead of letting the situation make me so sad that I am sick to my stomach.

Revelation #6
-My favorite food is Ritz Chicken. And Pizza. And fried chicken. And pasta. I like food.