Wednesday, January 04, 2012

That it may be

A new year?
Wouldn't' be complete without the obligatory Happy New Year! and this is what I have planned this year blog.
Honestly, I got nothing.
Ok, I guess that is not true. I do have plans for Valentine's Day already made, but if they fall through . . . then nothing.
I made no resolutions or goals.
Not by decision but just how it happens I am taking one day at a time. Not thinking of what I must be doing but what I want to be doing. This moment. Lucky for you I wanted to blog. ;)
Normally, this "fly by the seat of my pants" behavior would cause me anxiety. (People have plans. Who am I not to have one? That kind of thinking.)
My year was tough. I'd say more than I can handle, but I'm sitting here healthy.
So I am ok with my contentment in spite of being goal less.
I am going to live with this calm, happy feeling. (There's my resolution!)
And of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!