Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's in the 90's.
I wear only flip flops.
Shorts and/or a swim suit is being worn.
And we have our pool up.
Summer is officially here.
If you need to contact me in the next three months, I'll be poolside or on the beach.
On Sunday afternoons I'll be there with a beer.
Happy Summer Time!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yrautca and the Road

Well this post is long overdue.
Things seemed a bit hectic when I returned from my roadtrip.
And it was such a good trip.
The drives were easy and went by pretty fast. Except for some nail biting moments in Pennsylvania where there was a cliff, a wall and a hundred semi trucks to be topped off by being separated from my soul sister who was in the car ahead of me. She stressed ate a cinnabun after losing me in her rear-view mirror. But all turned out well.
And now we have a good laugh about it all.
Driving home I stopped at a gas station in Joplin, MO. Which just seems weird after last nights destruction.
I did make it home a day earlier than planned. I missed my little family. And I am once again grateful to my hubs for making it so easy for me to leave and so easy to come home.

So I met Yrautca, my first blogger friend!
It was so fun.
He is, if you ever had a doubt, such a gentleman and we had such a good visit.
I am only sad I don't live closer to hang out with him more.
If you are ever in the Chicago area and you read his blog, he is a MUST MEET!!
I couldn't be happier that I got the chance.
No pics. :( But there are some on his page here.
Come to Texas already, Yrautca! I can't wait to show you my state.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


I leave in less than 11 hours people!!!!!
If you were unsure, I am super excited about my road trip to Baltimore/Chicago.
I am super excited to spend some time with my soul sister.
As a last minute add on my Mom is meeting me in Chicago to drive back with me. Whoop!
And I am super excited to meet my first blogger in person.
Yrautca, you better not flake. :)

I am however getting a little nervous to leave my kiddos. Alan will do fine without me, I hope. But I still feel a little sad to be away from them for so long. We were away this long when we went to Vegas, but the hubs was with me. So this is different.
Anyhoo. . .
I shall be on the road and enjoying my alone time in just a few short hours!!
Pics and stories in about a week.