Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So officially, it's not summer.
But this is Texas people.
It is hot.
We busted out the baby pool and sprinklers.
I have a faint tan line.
It's summer.
I praise the sun right now.
Check back in a month and I'm sure I'll be cursing it.
Like I said, this is Texas people.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Made it!

I finished the cleanse. I made it 20 days as I had hoped.
This week I reintroduced food and I should be eating normally by Saturday.
Just in time for Mother's Day.
Which I am looking forward to because I told the hubs I wanted a massage and I'm most certain that is what I am getting.
For a second I thought, you know, that's kind of pricey for a MD gift, and then I thought, you know, I did push two children out of my body.
So I asked for it anyway. :)
I feel great from the cleanse.
Started back to the gym and taking a class that combines tai chi, pilates and yoga.
Love it!
I feel very open and free at this moment in life and I am currently in the mind set to hold on to that.