Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Phone

We went to the pool Monday.
My phone survived splashing and general wildness of my children while there.
We get in the car and my son's cup falls over in my bag, on top of my phone.
I remove back and battery.
I let dry.
I replace.
I was about to have a &*#&%&%^&%&*^% moment when I realized that it was close enough to my birthday to actually get a new phone.
The hubs and I had been talking about upgrading me for about six months now and we were gonna wait out my contract.
But . . . . . .
Things happen ;)
So I am now the proud owner of a MyTouch 3G Slide. (In black)
And I have internet through my phone for the first time ever.
I'm so glad spill proof cups don't work.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

At times

I'm gonna get up in the middle of this post to get more coffee, you should know this.

It being Father's Day and all, I'm up (EARLY) with the babies while the husband sleeps.
And sleeps and sleeps.
Most days I love the job of being a mom.
Today is not most days.
My two year old insist on motorboating me before eight this morning, refused his breakfast, won't get his hand out of his diaper and will probably poop and need changing while I'm in the middle of this sentence.
My fault. It's a long sentence.
Of course my daughter is being perfect. If you ignore the 3 year old attitude, bouncing on the couch and general bossing around of my son.
Little things.
I realize this.
Things always feel better after the second cup of coffee (or glass of wine, but seeing how it's not even noon on Sunday, I'll wait)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! (aka- not my day)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Year

For me, 2010 feels like a big year.
I turn 30 this year, the hubs turned 30 this year, we have been married seven years and together 10. So we should do something big. Yes? Yes.
At first I was thinking just about me.
But then after talking to Alan (the hubs) I realized he felt the same about this year.
And would also like to do something big to commemorate this big year.
Soooooo . . . . . . .
We are looking at a trip to the following places:
Camping in the Grand Canyon.
Pocono Mountains.
I'm leaning toward Egypt cause I REALLY feel drawn there.
And I ruled out Fiji cause I want more from there than we can afford at this time. So I'm willing to wait till we make our first million. ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shower Epiphanies

So like it says, while in the shower today I had a thought.
A, holy crap, for real?? An answer to a question I hadn't thought to ask.
For Christmas this past year my sister and I exchanged reflection affirmation shirts.
I was drawn to the affirmation "I love and accept myself as I am".
It feels powerful. I dig it.
And there are so many affirmations out there. Ones I could totally wear and not be embarrassed by and feel I definitely address some issues I have.
For example -
"My body is wonderful and beautiful"
"I am successful"
"Every decision I makes supports my higher self"
You get the point.
So I'm putting soap on the loofah, (stop daydreaming Yrautca ;) and it hits me.
If I love and accept myself as I am, then I am all the above things as well.
So simple.
Yet something strong inside me screams, YES! YOU FINALLY GET IT! This is why I was so drawn to this affirmation. I have struggled to believe I am worth this glorious life. Even with what some might think are faults, I am. Oh yes, I am.

So, " I love and accept myself as I am".

And I urge you to do the same.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Cause this is what I look at all day

They are pretty cute. Right?
Right. I know. I am sooooo that "I think my kids are the cutest" mom.
Alivia's hair is getting so curly.
I am tempted to give it a trim so that it will grow longer, but fear the tears and hysteria (on my part) when her curls happen to not keep growing.
Jackson's vocabulary has grown a ton.
Including the word shit.
And I'd like to blame the hubs for it. But alas, that would be my fault.
So this is what I enjoy all day.
But I am so ready for MDO to start back up! :)