Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How come?

"How come I have to go to bed? It's still light outside!"
"Because it's eight o'clock and that is your bedtime," her momma said.
"But there are kids still playing outside!!" she wailed. "Please let me stay up and play . . . *sniffs* . . . please, momma?"
Her momma responds firmly, "Do you want me to tuck you in or not?"

"How come I can't go to Six Flags with Holley?"
"Because you don't have an adult going with you. You could get hurt being alone," her momma advises.
"But EVERYONE else I know gets to go and I never get to do ANYTHING!!" she screams.
Her momma responds firmly, "Take that tone again with me young lady and you really won't be doing anything this summer."

"How come I have to be home so early? I just graduated, Mom."
"Your curfew is midnight so be happy your getting an extra hour," her momma replied.
"God! You are so unfair," she spats, "I am so moving out of here tomorrow."

"How come you can't live with me and we could do everything together?"
"Your married now honey, with a baby coming, you had to grow up and have your own life," her momma sympathizes.
"But I miss you so much, momma," she says choked up, " I wish you were here."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have just received the best gift from my child.
She let me sleep for five straight hours.
Two nights in a row!!!!!!!!!

On another note, I would like to tell you (you know who you are) that contrary to (your) belief I am not stupid. If you really think so then you should tell our boss and have me fired. Otherwise, I'm gonna kick you in the nuts the next time you treat me as you have. I graduated from the same f*#king university that you did, ASSHOLE.

Love, Berly

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I got nothin

My life is totally all about my baby now.
I thought maybe I wouldn't be one of those moms.
But I am.
And instead of being ashamed that I am no longer Kimberly and have now become solely "Alivia's Mom", I'm gonna try embracing this fact.
So . . . . . . . . Some pics of Alivia.
She is getting big fast.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Never said enough

Thank you for . . .

. . . the love you always give.
. . . the support that is neverending and never comes with strings or judgment.
. . . the way you look at me. (Like I am a somebody)
. . . getting up for her early feedings.
. . . cookies and cream ice cream last night.
. . . my car.
. . . laughing at my stupid jokes.
. . . calming me down when I've gone to far.
. . . making sure I leave the house with hot coffee.
. . . starting my car everyone morning.
. . . being my everything.
. . . making me your everything.
. . . giving me the most beautiful child.

. . . being my most perfect husband.