Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best TGIF ever starts tomorrow!!

As of tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. I will embark on my new path of life.
Being a Housewife/mom.
They threw me a little going away lunch today and my boss splurged on an hour massage for me. Which is great, because the deciding factor in our decision for me to stay home with Alivia is that I am pregnant, again.
And the day care bill would have been ridiculous!!!
Not to mention that the doctor is treating this pregnancy as high risk because of what happend with Alivia. And she seems to think that my blood pressure issue will be MUCH better without the added stress of work.
So, I will be a woman of leisure, so to speak, starting tomorrow afternoon.
What will I do all day?
What if Alivia misses daycare?
No, really, I am excited. My house will be forever clean and I can start experimenting in the kitchen like I have always wanted but never had the time for.
Then when the second baby arrives in April, I can shoot myself. ;)