Friday, August 12, 2011


It is finally time to pack up the car, drive three hours, unpack car and sit my ass on the beach for six straight days.
Oh, and I decided to go ahead and go bungee jumping with the hubs.
Don't be jealous. I need this vacay. BAD.

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Housewife's Birthday

5:00 am - Get up

5:30 - Boot camp

7:00 - Shower

7:15 - Sit on couch exhausted

7:17 - Take care of babies that just woke up, start laundry, take a child to the bathroom, make breakfast, comfort crying child, break up fight, kiss husband goodbye, start show on netflix, break up fighting cats, facebook, more laundry, clean up milk off floor, get coffee, comfort crying child

11:30 - Make lunch

12:30pm - Put kids down for nap

12:31 - Bribe kids to stop talking and fall asleep

12:32 - Spank kids for climbing on side of bunk bed like you have told them a million times not to do

1:00 - Fall asleep among laundry sitting on bed needing to be folded

1:45 - Wake up to kids climbing on you

2:00 - Dress everyone in bathing suits and sunscreen

2:10 - Get in baby pool, become a dolphin/mermaid/sea monster

3:30 - Dry everyone off, change into big tshirts, make popcorn, watch a movie, do laundry, facebook, wipe a child's ass, answer emails, make important phone call so the kids have a reason to start fighting and screaming

5:30 - Praise a god for your husband returning home from work

5:33 - Start dinner, hide from kids, facebook

7:45 - Give kids bath and all other night night related things

8:30 - Rock kids goodnight

8:45 - Sit on couch exhausted, with wine in hand

10:00 - Blessed sleep

Monday, August 01, 2011

How can death make life so different?

Once I started blogging again (if you remember, I took a break and had some babies) I vowed to make my posts, at least most of them, upbeat, fun, positive. Cause that is who I am. Or at least the person I want to be.
So now I am sad. Incredibly sad.
Sad to the point that I am sure the word sad is insufficient in describing how I feel.
And I want to tell all of you and myself that the only way to live is with love and light in your life. But damn if I'm having a hard time living that way.
I find the motions of everyday life exhausting. I cringe at the thought of being around people.
Tears are ever present accompanied by a dull headache.
I know, "this to shall pass".
I am sorry to anyone I have ever uttered that phrase to. They are not words of comfort.
I looked up the steps to grief.
You can see, I am juggling a couple of those at once here. I like to multitask.
So today I'll go to the grocery store. I'll make my kids lunch and dinner. I'll play in the pool with them. I'll read them stories and rock them before bed.
And I'll do all this feeling different than I did two weeks ago.
I'll do all this incredibly sad.
How can death make life so different?