Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Roommate rant

I split my coffee this morning. What does that mean the rest of the day is going to be like? I mean, coffee is the sweet nectar of life which keeps me sane and approachable.
Most mornings I wake up and make my coffee, then an egg, then I make my husband's coffee, and then his egg and while I am making his egg, he plops his ass down at the computer and I have to half whine and beg for him to give me some internet time. Now, some may think this is selfish of me to want to be on the computer and not give him his share. But! My husband works on computers all day, that is his job. In fact, he has told me how when he arrives at the office the first part of his day is spent "tooling" around until he actually begins to work. He shouldn't bring his work home with him I say.
My other roommate, we will call her Paige because I will most likely embarrass her, does not cook. She makes a mean ramen noodle soup, but other than that I haven't seen much. This could partly be my fault. I don't encourage her. I just make the dinner menu and everyone is happy(and full). Paige does have her own computer-plus for our relationship.
I have to admit though, these two people are so good to me. When I am doing my emotional breakdown thing cause I am "overly sensitive" (that's right John Blocker, still pissed) they are there, no questions, just being supportive. My husband has the calling the woman I am mad at a b^*ch down to an art. Even if he thinks I was wrong. God, I love him. And Paige, she is smart enough to know when I am to far gone in my self pity to not say anything cause I will turn everything around into a negative comment about myself. God, I love her.
So thank you. For being there. Especially this fall, I know it has been hard.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Evil Apartment People

The apartment complex I live in really sucks. Not the worst mind you, I used to live in a place where someone got set on fire. But I believe the owner of my complex sits awake at night and plots out ways to intentionally piss me off.
First, we get a letter every month saying we have late fees, and if you know my dear husband, we do not have late fees!
Second, the kitchen sink has been leaking since the day we moved in. I have stopped calling because they aren't going to fix it. They left notes saying they did. But they didn't.
Third, they mow at eight o'clock in the morning. Even if I am not sleeping, I am trying to get through my coffee in peace.
Fourth, they have a workout room that you have to pay fifteen dollars to get the key to use it. I have been there twice and each time the door has been open, no key needed. And each time half the machines are broken. Why do I go back? Because I have gained weight like a bear preparing for winter and we forked over fifteen dollars! I shall not let that go to waste.
Truly in my heart, I believe apartment people roll around in their money and laugh at the injustice they inflict on their tenets.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Color vs. Black and White

I always hate the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The major sales are ending, you have to go home or your family does, and your checkbook has taken a hit so bad it won't be replenished till St. Paddy's day.
This year I spent the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving running a Grand Opening of the jewelry store I am managing. The lines of people alone made me wish for a never ending bottle of wine. But after twenty-two hours in boots that are oh so very cute, but not so much comfortable, I dragged my useless body home and slept.
When I woke up this morning I realized I was sad but not for the same reasons of past years. I realize now I have nothing to do. The past month I was on the phone with various people trying to organize everything that would make the store look perfect. I was consumed with figures trying to decide what to discount and how many free pearls we could give away and still make a profit off the day. And I was frantic at the end to clean like I have never cleaned before. But now, I only have to sell.

I feel a little like what Dorothy must have felt when she returned home from Oz. (Hopefully I won't go crazy and be put away like she in the second movie) She traveled through the forest, made it to the Emerald City and got a make-over, killed the wicked witch, and then found out that a short fat man, who was slighty crazy, was suppose to help her get home. Oh the drama. Then the stupid b*^ch Glinda shows up and says to click your heels together. She wakes up, in black and white, to her boring old life. I don't believe for a second she was happy. Who would want to live in black and white?
Anyhoo, I feel as if I am now in black in white. I live for the color of problems and complications that is the essence of retail during the holidays. Good luck to all who have chosen the life of long hours and complaining customers this Christmas.