Saturday, April 17, 2010

That is my website.
I started my own little business a few months ago.
It is going ok. But I realize I'm pretty lazy about getting business.
I've been going on word of mouth.
So this is my mention of it and hopefully it will boost its place when someone Google searches. ;)

And if you want to check it out

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Master Cleanse

Have you heard of it?
It's fab. Truly.
I did it last year for 14 days.
No food.
Only lemon juice, syrup, cayenne pepper and water.
And a tea at night.
Felt great for a few months after until I started eating unhealthy again.
But I love it because it resets my mind/body cravings.
So I have been feeling weighed down and came to the conclusion that I must cleanse again.
Really, I may make it a three times a year thing. Cause I LOVE the way I feel.
I wake up with so much energy.
When I go to sleep at night it is a peaceful deep sleep.
So this is what I am doing.
I'll let you know how long I can go this go around.

Friday, April 09, 2010

An apology

We have a communication issue. We have for ten years.
Usually it hides under our happiness. And then, BAM!
It is usually only a problem when I am feeling insecure.
And I recognize that really, I do.
My insecurities tend to bring out the worst in me.
So we have a fight, which is mostly over text and that infuriates me further, and he apologizes. And then everything is better.
How the hell does that happen?