Monday, May 21, 2012


My summer has officially started.
Alivia had her first dance recital, which went perfect!, and school is done as of last Wednesday.  At least for my kids.
We have nothing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And let me tell you, this is a great feeling.
Oh!  And Jackson is FINALLY potty trained.  I was having nightmares of changing his diaper at 10 years old.
So basically, my life is perfect.
And it's summer.
And I am going to make all the recipes I have "pinned".
And I am going to buy bug repellent.  We had no winter here and the bug forecast is scary.
And I am going to get tan.
And I am going to sweat.
And I am going to complain about it being 104 degrees.
And I am going to drink beer by the baby pool.
Oh yes, I am going to enjoy summer. 
                                                             FAMILY PHOTO 2012