Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I have really been good about getting up in the morning and going to walk/jog and then some mornings following that with a little Pilates. But I am rethinking the whole thing.
There are few. But what else do I have to complain about?
1. I haven't lost any weight because of exercise
2. My heart does not feel healthier
3. I am tired
4. I am hungrier during the day
5. Odd muscles are randomly sore
6. I get freaked out every morning when leaving my complex because this totally strange person has taken to putting out a statue of an Owl at dusk and removing it before the sun totally comes up. I know this is a statue. But the damn thing scares me nonetheless.
7. A skunk almost got me yesterday. Fast little critter.
8. And today, I saw a bug that would be the devil if the devil were in bug form. I almost stepped on it. Instead I veered and screamed. I'm sure the people who live in that neighborhood were thankful that I alerted them to the dangerous bug situation so early in the morning.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Texas Pneumatic Tools

For years now, I have passed a place called Texas Pneumatic Tools on my way home and to my grandmother's house. I never really thought about it. It was just one of those nice red brick complexes with manicured lawns and high white iron fences.
So yesterday on our way back from Dallas, Alan is driving and I start to think about this Pneumatic Tools place.
Well, seing as how I am stupid and and unlearned about anything except what is already in my own little world, I ask him, "what is that place?"
He informs me that Texas Pneumatic Tools is what we laymen would refer to as a looney bin.
Not sure if I totally believe him.
He knows I am gulliable so he could be telling me anything.
But then again, that would explain the fences.
Does anyone know for sure?
Tell me. Please.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Whenever I drive for a long period of time, my mind automatically switches to deep mode and I address feelings and thoughts that I normally suppress because I have not the time to entertain them.
I realized this weekend as I was driving to Houston, and much of the surrounding cities, that I miss my friends.
Of course I have some friends in town that I talk to and hang out with. But I miss my college friends. We were such a fun circle. And I really don't feel like myself without them in my life.
Damn, I hate growing up.
I miss Courtney and the crazy way she had of making something ordinary into something funny or dramatic.
I miss Laurie and her quiet reserved manner. And the way she could never poop unless she was alone in the dorm.
I miss Shana "in the raw". You always knew exactly how she felt about something. That girl rarely holds back.
I miss Sandra and her constipation.
I miss Dianne and her prim and proper way.
I miss Lisa. My first best friend. The girl who taught me it was okay to be silly and okay to be myself. Even if the world wasn't ready for me.
No matter who I meet or make friends with now doesn't compare to these ladies. And I miss them with all my being.
And I miss who I was with them around.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


10 days
I spent 10 days in a luxurious suite at the fabulous Rio Hotel and Casino.
I miss it already.
Was totally glad to be back in the same time zone as my hubby and to spend some alone time with him. But Vegas totally spoke to my wild, carefree side. I was actually sad when we were driving away. I left a piece of myself there.
So much happened, I can't even begin to blog about.
But there is one night I must share.
Lisa came to visit the first weekend we were there. Super cool. So much fun. We got to see naked men together.
Anyhoo, the first night she gets there we go to the Voodoo club. It is on the 51st floor of the Rio and it has an outside part where you can hang out and look at all of Vegas.
It was awesome.
We arrive, get our drinks, scope out a spot to stand and begin to catch up on friend business and what not.
Two guys approach us. One guy, we will call him Mike (I think that was really his name, can't be sure) had totally been eyeing Lisa before so I knew he was wanting to talk to her.
They come to us under the pretense that Mike's friend needed my help to dance because he was so completely awful. Which was true. I watched him do the robot stuff. I told him to stop. He didn't. It was bad.
Anyhoo, we end up meeting all of Mike's friends and hanging with them all night. Good guys. Liked them a lot. Especially because this one guy Joe totally tried to protect me when this really scary old guy was harassing me.
What old guy? you may be saying. I shall tell.
I go the bar, Lisa needs a long island ice tea, I might as well get a beer.
Guy who is at least 60, with horrid teeth, drunk off his ass, in 1970's jacket gets extremely close to me and tells me that I smell great. "Thanks"
"No, really. Just wonderful. Can I buy you a drink?"
"No thanks, I already have a tab."
"What about a hotel? Can I buy you a hotel?"
"Um, no, I already have one."
"Ya, a whole one."
I then place my order while he continues to get closer, unaware of the dread and fear that I believe was apparent in my eyes and the not so subtle way I continued to press my self against the bar in hopes to distance myself.
He then begins to rub my back.
Eww! Stop! Does anyone see this????
They do not.
Old nasty then picks up my drink.
"That's mine!"
"Oh sorry" Slaps down a hundred.
"No, that's ok, I already paid for it."
"Well, fine then." He says this with a little bit of an attitude, like I was rude to him or something!
I run back to group. Tell Joe. He stands in the way to block Old nasty's view of me.
A shower was needed.
But wait. It gets better.
Lisa, Paige and I are at the pool the next day. I go to the bar (maybe that was my problem) to get Paige a strawberry margarita.
And who is sitting at the end on a bar stool . . . drunk???
That's right. Old nasty.
He yells hey little girl at me. I ignore. Grab drink. And practically knock over some waitress on my haste to return to my lounge chair and rid myself of the disgusting feeling that has washed over me.
That was just one day. You can imagine the rest of the trip.