Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh yes I did!

My crazy Lent challenge is completed.
I went 40 days without chewing food.
I feel like a rockstar.
In other news, I leave for my Baltimore/Chicago roadtrip in 6 days.
Which is also very exciting if your me. Or my soul sister.
I need your favorite roadtrip songs/albums.
No suggestion will go unnoticed!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Trip

My soul sister is graduating from Johns Hopkins University for nursing.
So proud!!
Anyhoo, she is moving very quickly after being done to Chicago and I am going with.
Two days to Baltimore to pick her up.
Load the car, sleep, get breakfast then two days to Chicago.
We'll celebrate Cinco de Mayo the night we get in.
A little unpacking and sightseeing.
Perhaps a nap in the park she loves but I can never remember the name.
Then two days home.
So if your counting, that is a minimum of 7 days away from my babies. 7!!
I'm gonna owe the hubs. Big time.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Have you heard this one?

A man goes every day to the feet of some religious statue to pray. He prays for one thing and one thing only. Everyday he prays, "Please, please, please let me win the lottery. After so much time passes with him doing this the statue gets fed up and comes to life and says to him, "Please, please, please buy a lottery ticket."

Well, I bought mine. Not an actual ticket. Although I might!
But I have been wanting to change some things about my personality and kept just waiting for them to change from my sheer will of wanting them to change.
It didn't happen.
I realized (finally) I need to do something to provoke the changes I wanted.
Started with chopping my hair off.
For some time I have been under the impression that I can not/will not be beautiful without long hair.
In fact, I used to think I could not and would not be beautiful unless I looked perfect.
And therefore, I couldn't love myself all the time because I did not look the way I thought I should. (This is a trait I have been wanting to replace with something positive:)
So now my hair is short. Very short.
And I love it.
And I love myself.