Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I loooooove snow.
Pretty. White. Things look magical in the snow.
(Remember I'm from Texas)
And all year, as strange as it is, the lower Texas cities have been receiving snow.
I of course was out of town when it happened here and then here when it happened when I was suppose to be out of town to my mom's, where she got a FOOT.
We got a lot yesterday.
I got to see snow fall for at least 6 hours.
And then the hubs came home and we all went outside and made a snowman, "Texan" style. (pics later)
Thank you Universe for giving me snow. And for the long cold winter here in Texas. You know how I adore the cold.

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yrautca said...

You are crazy. You should spend a week up in NYC or Chicago in February. You will never want to see snow again in your life.'re just rubbing it in arent you...