Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear God, it's me Kimberly

I always believe life won't give you more than you can handle.
If I felt overwhelmed in the past (emotionally speaking) I would take a crying timeout.
Maybe two.
Oh hell, I've cried for a week straight, I wont' lie.
But these past couple of months . . . . .
Well for one, I can't cry. Not a good one.
And things keep piling on top of each other.
I feel weighed down.
Smushed (its my word) with emotional pain.
And I can't see the proverbial light at the end of my tunnel.
If anyone is listening. I'm officially asking for help.


Princess Pessimism said... wanna email me?

Lindsey said...

Awwww...Berly. What's going on? We've all known you forever, let us help. We're here if you want to share or cry or vent or whatever. I'm sure I can even find someone for you to punch if that'll make you feel better. :)

berly02 said...

Thanks Ladies.
Your support via the web is what I guess I was looking for. It instantly made me feel better knowing you two would take time out of your day for someone you have never seen.

And while punching someone does sound nice, I'll pass. I always end up feeling worse for being violent. ;)

Princess Pessimism said...

We're if you need anything - let us know!

yrautca said...

Hi berly, I'd be happy to help too. I thought things were looking up with you and Mer berly renewing your vows and you looking like a super model. But feel free to share if there is anything you wish to share. You go berly!

Anonymous said...

I'm here always, always. I know we don't get to talk every day, or even every week anymore these days. I hate that we live so far apart. But I'm always here if you ever need ANYTHING. Call me if you want or need to talk. Call me if I can do anything to help you. I love you, and I'm here.

berly02 said...

PP - Thanks again my wonderful web friend.

Yrautca - thanks for the smile. Mr. Berly and I doing fine. I appreciate your support.

Courtney - I love you deeply my ladie. Thank you.