Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Roommate rant

I split my coffee this morning. What does that mean the rest of the day is going to be like? I mean, coffee is the sweet nectar of life which keeps me sane and approachable.
Most mornings I wake up and make my coffee, then an egg, then I make my husband's coffee, and then his egg and while I am making his egg, he plops his ass down at the computer and I have to half whine and beg for him to give me some internet time. Now, some may think this is selfish of me to want to be on the computer and not give him his share. But! My husband works on computers all day, that is his job. In fact, he has told me how when he arrives at the office the first part of his day is spent "tooling" around until he actually begins to work. He shouldn't bring his work home with him I say.
My other roommate, we will call her Paige because I will most likely embarrass her, does not cook. She makes a mean ramen noodle soup, but other than that I haven't seen much. This could partly be my fault. I don't encourage her. I just make the dinner menu and everyone is happy(and full). Paige does have her own computer-plus for our relationship.
I have to admit though, these two people are so good to me. When I am doing my emotional breakdown thing cause I am "overly sensitive" (that's right John Blocker, still pissed) they are there, no questions, just being supportive. My husband has the calling the woman I am mad at a b^*ch down to an art. Even if he thinks I was wrong. God, I love him. And Paige, she is smart enough to know when I am to far gone in my self pity to not say anything cause I will turn everything around into a negative comment about myself. God, I love her.
So thank you. For being there. Especially this fall, I know it has been hard.

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berly02 said...

That was suppose to be spilt, not split.
I don't edit.