Monday, November 29, 2004

Evil Apartment People

The apartment complex I live in really sucks. Not the worst mind you, I used to live in a place where someone got set on fire. But I believe the owner of my complex sits awake at night and plots out ways to intentionally piss me off.
First, we get a letter every month saying we have late fees, and if you know my dear husband, we do not have late fees!
Second, the kitchen sink has been leaking since the day we moved in. I have stopped calling because they aren't going to fix it. They left notes saying they did. But they didn't.
Third, they mow at eight o'clock in the morning. Even if I am not sleeping, I am trying to get through my coffee in peace.
Fourth, they have a workout room that you have to pay fifteen dollars to get the key to use it. I have been there twice and each time the door has been open, no key needed. And each time half the machines are broken. Why do I go back? Because I have gained weight like a bear preparing for winter and we forked over fifteen dollars! I shall not let that go to waste.
Truly in my heart, I believe apartment people roll around in their money and laugh at the injustice they inflict on their tenets.

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