Monday, August 16, 2010

Bachelorette Party

So I attended a good friend's bachelorette party over the weekend.
I love her.
I did not love this party.
It did have the makings to be great though.
The best part of the night is the fact that our semi drunk bride got thrown from a golf cart mid turn on the way back from dinner. She was fine. It was hilarious.
The rest of the night was a lot of waiting for a taxi and indecision.
Eh . . . .
They are usually a bunch of hype, right?


Princess Pessimism said...

I HATE that....that reminds me of New Years eve....the night of the year that everyone plans for...and usually ends up being the shittiest night of the year. I hate indecision. If its something thats supposed to be concrete, it should be concrete, and plans should be made.

wigsf said...

So... no giant penis pinattas?