Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I think my coffee may be to strong.
I almost gave myself a heart attack this morning when I came into the office. I am, of course, the first one there so it is dark and I have to make my way to the front door to turn on the lights.
While doing so this morning, I imagined someone had followed me and gotten in before the back door closed. I kept hearing these noises that I couldn't place.
Then I couldn't see anyone behind me, so it had to be a ghost.
I mean, if you are for sure hearing noises, can't see anyone, know you are alone, then it has to be that a ghost is around.
But in reality, it was the runners radio. She left it on last night.
And my imagination might be ever so heighten because I am still afraid of the dark and being alone in it.
I hear being scared raises your metabolism.

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