Monday, August 29, 2005

The River

Alan's boss invited us to camp and float the river with a huge group of people. We said sure. Sounds like fun.
Did you know that behavior on the river closely resembles the behavior one would find on Bourbon street in the middle of Mardi Gras?
Boobs everywhere.
One guy in our group was in charge of the jello shots and he decided to hand out a shot for each boob he got to see. Many a stranger took him up on his generous offer.
By the time he made it up to the camp site, he couldn't even remember the total number of boobs he was shown. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that he was passing out drunk at that point.
Apparently, for every shot he gave away, he took one as well.
After dinner, all the drunk people wanted to go dancing. I opted to sit by the citronella camp fire and get tipsy with rum and coke.
And in true camping fashion, I poured citronella wax on my foot in the process of moving the candle to the center of our circle. No mosquitos for me.


Courtney said...

The river is always such a good time! Boobs flyin' everywhere, alcohol being thrown around carelessly. It's Mardi Gras with a current and the occasional snake or two, just like you said. What is it with you and getting burned by candles/lanterns while camping???

berly02 said...

I don't know!!! I am a hazard to myself, it seems.

Lindsey said...

Ha ha...boobs and alcohol. Always a good combination. I love the 'take a shot every time I see a boob' thing. Must definetly use that next time I go to the Tavern. Girls there don't care that they are indoors...boobs all up in your face.