Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stay away from our pens!

I didn't experience this first hand. But I am still a little weirded out about the whole situation.
You see, a couple of months ago this boy between the ages of 16-20, not real sure, comes in and asks to look at our pens. We are a jewelry store by the way.
The girl I have working is like - okay.
Confused the whole time about what is actually going on.
The strange boy starts to pick up and look at every pen we have, all the while breathing heavy and acting like he was in a hurry.
He then asks if he can have one because he collects pens.
Strange boy tries to take the nice polished marble and gold one we have. She says no. He continues to eye it. She then takes if from the container. Strange boy leaves with a pen that we obtained for free as a marketing tool.
Then today, strange boy comes in again.
Different girl is up front.
He does the same thing.
This time playing with the push lever highlighter we have, eyes growing large in hopes that he can sneak off with it I am sure.
Strange boy ends up with another freebie pen, but this one happens to be everyone's favorite.
Nice grip. Makes your letters look pretty. Everyone has that certain pen.
I am pretty sure he goes around the whole complex stealing pens from each store.
What are we to do?
He is in and out so fast. Picks a pen and leaves.
I mean, there is really no harm, but those are our pens!
Stay away from our pens, strange boy!


Courtney said...

How funny, and yet disturbing all at once. I needed a laugh

sv4494 said...

what time of day is this all going on? 16-18yrs old~~Why is this boy (if during the hours) out of school. 18-20yrs old~~then I have to agree w/ courtney and say funny & yet quite disturbing all at once.