Friday, April 15, 2005

Things that make me think . . .hmmm??

-Mohawks (have never and will never look good)
-Iced Coffee
-Skinny chefs
-That feeling you get when you see an ex, even though you are insanely happy and in love with your present significant other
-Area 51

-just add water meals
-Britney and Kevin's reality TV show

-Britney Spears pregnant
-Models that eat
-Einstein and his theories
-lime green poop
-clocks (what would it be like if no one knew the "real time"???)
-the French
-life without coffee
-outer space
-women who don't won't a diamond for their engagement ring
-Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice
-Softball (it is not!!)
-sex as a tool to get what you want
-tanning beds


The Shib said...

Ive never used sex as a tool. Well...maybe once.

Iced coffee is so good when its so effin hot.

Kids on the beach with salt watery hair spiked into a mohawk are cute.

just add water food should never be eaten. But wait. You eat ramen. Thats just add water. Or do you mean freeze dried food?

sv4494 said...

~when you think you hear your mom call your name?? know this could not be since she is not even in the same house!!!
~what about the nights that you "don't dream" (but you know you actually do & just can't remember them all)