Saturday, September 03, 2005

An Ode

Such excitement and relief washed over me today
So much in fact I think I screamed hooray

I knew when I found you crumpled on the closet floor
My stressful mornings would be no more

For you are here to make it right
Each and every day, each and every night

No more being crazy with moods and bordering on insane
You, my Fat Pants, have brought me joy I can not explain


Lindsey said...!!! That made me laugh so hard I almost choked! Ode to fat pants!!!!hahahah.
That was great and I most definetly share you sentiment...I have a pair of my own.

Shana said...

I emailed that to my Dad. He still thinks the most hilarious thing you ever said was "I feel fat, someone tell me I'm not!"