Sunday, June 20, 2010

At times

I'm gonna get up in the middle of this post to get more coffee, you should know this.

It being Father's Day and all, I'm up (EARLY) with the babies while the husband sleeps.
And sleeps and sleeps.
Most days I love the job of being a mom.
Today is not most days.
My two year old insist on motorboating me before eight this morning, refused his breakfast, won't get his hand out of his diaper and will probably poop and need changing while I'm in the middle of this sentence.
My fault. It's a long sentence.
Of course my daughter is being perfect. If you ignore the 3 year old attitude, bouncing on the couch and general bossing around of my son.
Little things.
I realize this.
Things always feel better after the second cup of coffee (or glass of wine, but seeing how it's not even noon on Sunday, I'll wait)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! (aka- not my day)


The Shib said...

youre a good woman my B.

But the hand in the diaper thing is JUST gross.

wigsf said...

Funny thing, if you have a glass of wine of a Sunday morning, you'd look like a person with a problem. But if you went to a Catholic church and had the wine, you'd look like a devout and pious person.

Princess Pessimism said...

WHY is his hand in his diaper??? LOL