Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Adventures in Bryan

Paige and I went to get our hair cut last night. And while that is not interesting, the ride to the hair place was quite an adventure.
Paige and I are sitting peacefully at a red light when a loud truck with a trailer pulls up next to us. Seeing how it was such a nice night, I had my window down enjoying the breeze. Since my window was down, the (we will call them gentlemen but believe me they were far from it) 'gentlemen' in the truck began to make cat calls to us. Saying things like "whatcha doin tonight?" "whoo hooo!" and so forth.
I thought maybe I should politely show them the ring on my finger and maybe that would scare them off. I was wrong. That enticed the rather outspoken one to inform me that he was not married and he did not care if I was.
The light finally, by the grace of God, turned green and we made the turn. However, the 'gentlemen' also turned and preceded to bombard us with hoots and hollers. All the while, the man in the passenger side was leaning so far out his side of the truck he could have lost an arm or at the very least get hit by a passing car.
After being rid of these 'gentlemen', Paige and I contemplated what kind of woman would actually be turned on by or stupid enough to respond to these kind of tactics.

This is what we came up with: (must have two or more)

1. The name ends in an I, like Tami or Shandi

2. missing at least one tooth

3. has extremely frizzy/fried curly died hair

4. chews gum with mouth open

5. wears leopard print pants with neon tube tops and high heels

6. knows how to cook opossum


The Shib said...

Fried opossum is to die for.

sv4494 said...

You better be glad your Big Sis was not with ya'll. God knows what would have happened.