Friday, January 28, 2005

Evil Girl Scouts

Alan thinks the Girl Scout organization is evil.
Now after a statement like that, I should probably explain. You see, I brought home four boxes of Girl Scout cookies because a guy from work was selling them for his daughter. I always feel bad if I don't help support. Plus! They are Girl Scout cookies, yum.
So this morning while I am enjoying my coffee Alan sits down on the guest bed and tells me that he believes the Girl Scouts are evil. Why I ask.
His first reason, the reduced fat lemon pastry is in fact only reduced when compared to the "leading sandwich cookie". This apparently upsets him. He believes the Girl Scouts are secretly trying to make everyone fat while lining the vest pockets of the den mothers with riches.
Also, on one side of the box they have only white blond haired girls. Alan has come to the conclusion that the Girl Scouts are in fact . . . Nazi. He also doubts the possibility that a Girl Scout cookie can build a strong body since it is loaded with fat and calories.
So, to sum up, the Girl Scouts are evil people trying to get rich from their Nazi ways by making people fat and lying to them.
Alan is so strange in his old age, yes?

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