Saturday, January 15, 2005


Did you know that the Heinz 57 plastic bottle actually says "meatloaf enhancer"?
This is weird to me, and my husband, who is currently shooting whip cream because the vodka and grapefruit juice is unsatisfactory. We have already finished the beer and I really need something else to drink.
He has also discovered a strange taste to the whip cream. I think maybe because it spent two months rolling around in the back seat of my 4runner.
Anyway, it is Saturday night and Alan and I are 'livin it up' at our apartment. Trying to get drunk so we can pass out and wake up tomorrow to a new, and hopefully promising day.
You see, I think Alan is secretly bored with me but is to kind to say so. Also, he is kinda shy, so really, he is stuck with me.
Isn't life great?

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Courtney said...

So ketchup is indeed a meatloaf enhancer, although I guess it doesn't take much to enhance meatloaf, huh? Your Saturday was better than mine though - we spent all day at the car dealership, signing my soul over to Toyota. They now own me for the next 60 months...