Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Two Things

Yesterday was bizarro day!
First, the pen psycho came back. That's right. I talked to him this time.
I saw him walking by the store (talking to himself) and I knew he was the guy who stole our pens. So I hid our pen container under the counter in case he came in. He did.
He begins to explain that he is looking for this certain pen. Called an Oric. He shows me one he has in his pocket. It is really beat up and the ink part is broken so I know it doesn't work.
But you can tell he is totally in love with this pen. He has a two handed grip on it. I am pretty sure he would have gone crazy if I had tried to take the pen from him at all.
Then he grills me about where he will find this pen and do we have any pens.
"Your all out of medical pens? Your all out of pens?"
Yes, I tell him. No pens here!
He then turns around to leave, talking to himself, "Okay see you later" he yells, and then resumes talking to himself.
I think he may be a schizophrenic. Such strange behavior!
Are schizophrenics dangerous?
Second, Paige got bitched out by a complete stranger in the parking lot of her tanning salon. She was walking to her car after she had tanned and apparently these two women were waiting outside in their car and one started yelling, "your gonna get tan like a mexican. Stupid mexican!" And other such things. While the other just sat and laughed. That's not funny . . . that's stupid.
So weird. Why do you care strange women?
Do you work for the skin cancer people?
Don't you think there is a better way to go about warning people than to spout racial slurs and what not?
Bizarro day indeed.

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