Thursday, May 12, 2005


So, I am afraid to go to work today. And every day from now on I fear I will be hesitant to go. Yesterday a police officer came to visit.
Upon my request.
We had a suspicious character come into the store. He had come in the day before asking about employment. He walks in yesterday, says he has never been here and just wants to look around. The entire time he was there I felt extremely uncomfortable and he was asking all sorts of questions that were making me think he was there looking around, but for another purpose all together.
He actually asked us if we were ever busy and when that was!
After he left I called the non emergency number and an officer came out to take my statement.
He filed a Suspicious Persons Observation (SPO). He also felt the need to be completely honest with me and say that he believes this person will be back to rob us and he will hit us hard and fast.
I'm sorry. What????
I thought up till that point that I was just paranoid.
It is now apparent to me that my life is in danger.
What if he just comes in and shoots and doesn't do that whole "if you don't move you won't get hurt" thing?
Honestly, my mind in rampant with death and seriously injured scenarios. I am really really scared.


Courtney said...

Good lord, Berle - perhaps you should call in sick for awhile...

sv4494 said...

I'm probably the last person you would want to here from right now, but...don't you have to "buzz" people in the store. Can people just "walk in"??? I thought it was locked until one of ya'll buzzed the door???
When I worked at the bank in the comercial teller line, they aways use to tell me that it would be my window robbers would come to 1st, since it has the most money. I know how you are feeling. Just stay alert and "way to go" with following your "gut".
love you

berly02 said...

I was thinking about calling in sick, but then that would be letting "the fear" get to me, wouldn't it?
My new store does not have the buzzer thing, just the old location.