Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ice Day!!

My boss called me right after I had got out of the shower this morning.
Towel still on my head and feet freezing I answered the phone.
He says I don't have to come into work till around ten due to the ice on the roads.
I love ice days.


Kim said...

I bet most people in this town would love to have your boss. NONE of the schools were delayed today, and I took Sydney bright and early at 8:00am. Guess what, there was no ice on the roads. The bridges were a little "iffy", but they sanded them and they were fine. Consider yourself the lucky one today, and if you get paid for coming in 2 hours late then that is just the icing on the cake!

Px said...

mine would never do that

Lindsey said...

Awesome! Even better when you don't have to go in at all!

Courtney said...

A word of advice: don't ever quit your job. I still had to be at work before the sun came up today. DAMN!

yrautca said...

O'brother. You are facing a dilemma that 93% of working women in this county are facing according to a survey. That being: your boss is in love with you. Trick is to keep him in love without giving him any hope. A hopeless love will lead him to eventually offer you his job.

Natalia said...

Yaaay...extra play time :)