Monday, December 12, 2005

Office Pool

It is a joke around the office that working here makes you pregnant. I replaced a ladie who had a baby last January and she is pregnant again. Plus, another girl I work with is expecting her little one any day.
We decided today to place bets on her delivery date.
You can buy a day for five dollars. I am in charge of keeping the money.
Of course, we gave mommy-to-be a free day.

I feel like I am surrounded by babies and baby related things.


Kim said...

Could this be an omen of things to come? Listen....I hear the pitter patter of tiny little feet in your, not so distant, future!

Auntie Kim is ready for duty.

Lindsey said...

3 women at my office just left for pregnancies...and none of them are coming back. :0(

Px said...

there's only two women in our office and i can't see either of them getting preggers any time soon

my money's on today...the 13th

Courtney said...

UH OH - are they already targeting you? Once people get on the "Having any little ones?" kick, they'll bug the shit out of you :)

Natalia said...

I seriously hope that they talk about things other than can get so fucking unbearable.


Princess Pessimism said...

Ugh...babies....overrated! I have 2 neices. They're great. That's enough. I think that the batteries in my biolgical clock died. I would have wanted a baby a year or 2 ago, but now....forget it. I'm too young still, and I want all my money for me!

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Oh, my last job was totally like that! Babies left and right. We used to say that something was in the water. We made bets on who would be the next to get pregnant and when said babies would be born. I've been sooooo many office baby showers that I considered having a little tyke of my own just to recoup some of my baby-related expenses (ha ha ha -- not really). It got sooo annoying because all anyone ever talked about was babies and, to make matter worse, since I don't have any kids they really didn't care to hear anything I had to say (not that I wanted to talk about poop, diapers, vommit, etc. anyway). And, of course, it always led to the dreaded "When are YOU going to have baby?" question, which I got constantly. Hey, I like other people's babies just fine. And, I am totally one to get in the spirit and saw "awwww, how cute and how sweet" as needed, but too much is too much.

Have fun with your baby bets. Here's to hoping you win some cash!