Monday, February 28, 2005

It has begun

This morning I woke up early. Of course. I automatically wake after 5.44 hours of sleep. It just happens.
But today, Alan got up shortly after I did and we went jogging.
That's right. I jogged.
Never mind the fact that I felt like I was being punished for something I had done most of the time. Or the fact that my trachea is still burning and tingling from the extra, frantic, intakes of air. Or the realization
- brought on by the constant rubbing of my thighs against each other - that I have really packed on the winter pounds.
But in all, I would have to say not a bad way to start the morning.
Alan and I have decided to "get in better shape". He is secretly hoping I will become strong and fearless so we can go on the fear factor couples show and win a million dollars. But I will NEVER be able to eat something disgusting. Sorry babe!
We also went to church yesterday. Which was a first in many months. I guess when I think about it. I am trying that whole "be a better person, go out and get what you want" thing.
And I know, I have done this before.
But this time. This time I feel different.
Last week I had a medical situation and honestly thought I was gonna die. And I kept thinking that if I was healthier and nicer and a better person, this wouldn't be happening. And as silly as that sounds - I gotta try.
Plus, Alan really wants me to wear tank tops and show my belly. So, I gotta do it at least for that.


Courtney said...

You inspire me, Berle. I've also always wanted to have a tummy that's good enough to show off, but I don't want to gross people out, so I've refrained thus far. But props to you and Alan. I've been going through a weird time recently too - I swear it's those crazy mid-twenties. They suck :)

berly02 said...

What is it about the mid twenties that make us so crazy?
I have these thoughts and feelings and no idea where they come from.
Everyone says this is normal. So, I guess that is good to know.

Anonymous said...

Come on Kim, it was just a
headache. But love mom and keep
up the jogging.
I am anxious to see you in
those tank tops.