Friday, March 25, 2005

A Shout Out

There are so many thoughts going through my head at any given time. It is a wonder I can decipher them.
Or make them work for me. Or even get out of bed sometimes.
But the one thing I have been thinking of more and more is how every person in my life has shaped me and given me a tool to use to create this person that I am.
When I was thirteen I met my "New York Parents". Karen and Pete. They had known my mom when she was married to my sperm donor when they lived in Arlington. But then they moved back to Buffalo, NY.
And they are fabulous. The most exciting, fun, smart and loving people. With out question or hesitation they treated me like I was their own.
In the two short weeks I spent with them the summer before high school started, they were able to give me the confidence and support I needed to enter as an awkward freshman and leave a less awkward senior.
They have always believed in me and for no other reason than they love me. Even being thousands of miles from me I knew I could always count of them.
How could a girl like me get so lucky?
I miss you guys, if your reading! With out you, I wouldn't be me.

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Anonymous said...


Pete & I will love you forever!
You fill our heart's with pride! Seeing you again would make our lives complete. There's a lot to be said about "biological's". The old saying "Blood is thicker than water" just doesn't have the connotation for me as it does for others. The daughter that grew within me and we loved with our heart and souls has derailed....
Our heart's ache, but we think of you and all the kind things you say from your heart, and we could burst! You are special Kim, and you follow your instincts and you write that book! You have a gift. Don't waste it. You need to be a mom and I pray that you and Alan can find a way to have 5 or 6 children because those children will be writing about their mom and dad and people in their lives that have touched their hearts... The cycle will go on.....

Love you Kimberly more that you'll ever know,