Thursday, March 10, 2005

Treachery is a foot!!!

So . . . I went to the doctor yesterday. Feeling kinda of cruddy. I get there about fifteen minutes early. I always hope they will see me sooner. Or at least put me in the room with the bed so I can lay down.
My appointment time came. Everytime the door to the examination rooms opened I lifted my head in anticipation. Waiting for my name to be called. I could feel the stiff paper and sterile clean smell of the bed. My body was aching for it. Thirty minutes went by.
A nurse came out, didn't even try to pronounce my last name. I got up. For a second I felt like I had won the grand prize at pie eating contest. (There were a lot of larger people in the waiting room)
She promptly tells me to get on the scale. I have on boots and heavy pants. This is not gonna be good.
It wasn't.
She then takes me to the examination room where she takes my blood pressure and tells me to wait, "the doctor has one patient before you and he will be right in".
Another thirty minutes later, after I have fallen asleep in the chair with my head on the desk next to it - she didn't say I could sit on the bed/table thing- the doctor comes in.
"So what's wrong with you"
Aren't you suppose to tell me that? And he doesn't. No, I leave with two prescriptions and no diagnosis. He isn't sure. Me having a temperature is throwing him off, but it is not high enough to be the flu. Blah, blah, blah.
I say thank you very much, take my prescriptions and head back to work.
This whole doctor thing seems to be a rip off. I pay my co-pay, wait an hour, and for basically no reason!!
On a positive note, he gave a Z pack, best meds ever. I feel sooooo good.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with it being a waste of time going to th doc. they never give you an answer. Hopefully your meds were not $100. Mom went to get a med for me last week and for 12 pills it was $99.58 with insurance. My insurance payed $136 of that. Do the math on those 12 little pills. YUCK!!!!
love you