Wednesday, October 05, 2005

out of order

I Can't eat anything because my tummy hurts.
It went on strike due to the virus. The one my husband had and decided it would be fun to give to me. Jerk!
I had to go home early from work on Monday and stayed home Tuesday.
Day three of virus, should have stayed home, ended up coming to work anyway. I can't do anything right today. And things are taking me twice as long to do. I am suppose to be paying the bills right now.
You see how that is working out for me.
This feels like the day that would never end.
I am starting to feel a little guilty for being paid today. I just went comatose in my chair for like 25 minutes.
Gross. I drooled.


yrautca said...

25 mins and you feel guilty? I spend that much just sipping my coffee. I hope you feel better soon. Sex is probably not a good idea when one partner has a virus ;)

FU said...

hahahah...go home and sleep!

Px said...

chill 25 minutes is nothing
yesterday i think i did a grand total of like 2 (maybe 3) hours work in the 9 hours i was here!
and today i might do the same!
virus is not cool though, tlc and chicken soup is needed with a very good book and your duvet on the sofa, all wrapped up like a caterpillar
feel better soon

Lindsey said...

Oh no...poor Berly! I hope you feel better soon. Shall I take your husband out and beat him?

Shana said...

Hoochie! Did I not tell you to stay home on that third day? But did you listen to me? NO! Just had to go do your own Berle-ish thing. Your complaining is falling on deaf ears now ladie. Or eyes, because I'm reading your complaints but whatever...

Courtney said...

Ya know - some of the best sleep is at work! When I hurt my back and was on the meds that made me sleepy and sick, I totally took a nap in our training room during lunch. It was NICE!
Hope you feel better, ladie!!!