Sunday, September 11, 2005

1989 called...

I spent yesterday planning a baby shower.
I was agonizing over colors and wording and what not.
Got a small migraine.
But it was totally worth it.

I got to see my friend Shana's dad wearing a sweatband.
You have to appreciate the humor in watching a fifty-year-old man in shorts, tucked in t-shirt and sweatband walk around like it is totally normal and not at all goofy.
Honestly, I love him because of that, not in spite of.


Lindsey said...

I hate planning events. I can't stand it.

And my dad embarrasses me like that all the time. He wears denim shorts with white socks pulled all the way up his legs with brown/black loafers. Ugh.

Shana said...

I think the sweatband has become his trademark. He wears it when he plays soccer too. I can pick him out easily amongst a field of sweaty college guys. I'm all, hey there's dad...wearin the sweatband. Nice. You forgot to mention that he was wearing combat boots and white socks with the shorts and sweatband.