Sunday, December 05, 2004

Alan is his name

I am so lazy on Sundays. Sometimes, I'll be honest, I don't even shower till right before bed, or not at all. It is the one day I can sleep in, not go anywhere, spend time with my husband and basically veg out for twelve hours.
The phone just rang. I hear my husband making plans. He says we are home right now and can do something. What?!!!!
He knows I'm not clean, dressed, in the mood for company, etc. But really I should expect this from him today.
You see, after our coffee this morning I said, "I'm hungry, I feel like ordering pizza" He says, "You can if you want, I don't really want pizza" Well of course you can't order pizza and eat it by yourself. Plus, I don't have any checks or cash and needed him to buy. So I eat some leftovers.
Paige comes home from church about and hour later, with a Digorino pizza. We are so in tune with each others needs.
Anyhow, I have already eaten, but my dear hubby partakes in this pizza. Now how is that fair? That is what I wanted!
He then looks at me innocently and asks if I want some. Damn you, dear husband of mine. Damn you.
Every now and then he goes through this thoughtlessness stage.
I swear men have periods.

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The Shib said...

Of course they have mancycles!