Friday, December 03, 2004

And the tree is up . . .

Before I tell you the story of my household's Christmas tree, I would like to say to my dearest friend Lisa-Everyone is waiting, some are just more comfortable with the feeling than others. And I can't wait for you to come "home home".

So both my roommates wanted to put up a Christmas tree this year. I tried to talk them out of it seeing how our cats are from hell and all. The one year I did put my tree up, Rosie broke like twelve of my ornaments. Not only is that expensive, but one gets tired of the cleaning.
But I relented, and decided a tree would be fun.
So last night we drive over to my hubby's parent's house to get the tree and decorations. It is not in the attic, not in his old room, not in the garage and basically not anywhere at his parent's house. Did we already store it at our apartment? I don't remember having it in the move?
So hubby says, "Did we throw it out?" Now why on earth would we throw it out? Then I remember, very vaguely, that there was lots of tinsel stuck in the tree, and I was never going to put one up again anyway because of the cats, so maaaaybe, just maybe, we threw it out.
We get home, no tree. Consensus is we threw out the tree. After whining, what I do best, we go to walmart to get another tree. I want the short one that is only $15.99, they want the one that is more full because you can't have a barren looking tree (its cost-$39.99). Who's paying for this?! That's right, me.
After paying for the tree and other such items we had to have because the tree is bigger and we don't have enough to make it look right, we get home.
Well, of course I want to put the tree up. We are two days into December people, and I just spent $100, I want my money's worth of decorations! Dear hubby decides to retreat into computer room. When I do convince him to join in, he complains that he wants colored lights on the tree. Normally that would be fun, but the whole elegant look I have going just would not support colored lights. He is actually passionate about these damn colored lights. What the foo?! He isn't passionate about anything!
In the end, there are no colored lights. We survived the first night without broken ornaments or having tree fallen over/slept in by cats. And we currently have three presents under the tree.


The Shib said...
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berly02 said...

Polo club was the best apartment ever, so big, so cheap. Perfect except for that one maintainence man who was kinda creepy.

Satan . . . yes . . I remember . . .