Thursday, December 02, 2004

Rosiline and Katara

My extremely witty friend Lisa, says cats are minions of the anti-christ. And while I don't altogether disagree with her, I still love the little animals.
As kittens they are so cute and playful. And then as adult cats you see they have their own personality. Some like to lay in your lap, some still like to play, others just want to be left alone, but they are pretty tame and easy to live with.
NOT MINE. The two cats I have came straight from the pits of hell. They hate me. I can actually see the disgust on their face when I come home. The little one has thrown up numerous times over the past two months. She knows how that grosses me out. And the big one, well she will rub on my legs as soon as I get out of the shower and her hair sticks to me. It is very difficult to remove wet cat hair from the skin. Plus, that can't be clean. Which makes me think I should get back in the shower, but I am already running behind and if I don't precede getting ready I will be late. And I really, really hate to be late. (It is one of those good attributes I use when ever I am interviewing)
So what should I do about these cats. Right now the little one is sitting in the chair behind me, plotting my death no doubt. While the big one circles around my husband's feet. They hate him as well. They are trying to trip him, not be loving like he thinks!

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